Maxim UTV Tracks

Designed for UTVs, it significantly increases the tracks area over other UTV track systems. The patented Maxim, which refers to the maximum amount of track, allows more track on the terrain by using its unique switch back system. This enables the rear tracks to extend forward, under the vehicle, to nearly the rear of the front tracks, thereby taking weight off the front end. The entire machine now is able to operate much as a snowmobile, gliding over the snow instead of through it.

Exlusive Anti-Torque System Rubber Torsion Anti-Torque
Frame Construction Steel
Assembly Weight 658 lbs @ Front 135 lbs ea / Rear 194 lbs ea
(298 kg @ Front 61 kg ea / Rear 88 kg ea)
Type of Vehicle 4 Wheel Drive Utility
Recommended Gross Vehicle Weight 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg)
Track Tread Width 13 in (330 mm)
Track Tread Style EZ 1 ⅜ in (38 mm)
(All-Terrain Self-Cleaning)
Track Material Rubber w/ HD Internal Composite Rods and Cord
Recommended Operating Temperature -40°F to +130°F (-40°C to +55°C)
Vehicle Axle Height 17 ½ in (432 mm)
Ground Contact Length (approx) (Hard Surface) - Front 14 in / Rear 21 in
(Front 356 mm / Rear 533 mm)
(Soft Surface) - Front 45 in / Rear 73 in
(Front 1,143 mm / Rear 1,854 mm)
Ground Contact Surface Area (approx) (Hard Surface) - 910 sq in min (5,871 sq cm min)
INDUSTRY LEADING BEST IN CLASS (Soft Surface) - 3,103 sq in max (20,019 sq cm max)
Sprocket Diameter 13 in to 15 in (330 mm to 381 mm)
Wheels (2 Bearings/wheel) 10 Front, 18 Rear / corner, 2 rows
Wheel Material UMHW / Rubber
Color Black
EZ Tracks