XT UR Plus

Versatile aggressive tread with patented 4-link, triple spring Shape Changing Suspension and rubber torsion anti-torque system for Side-by-Sides and UTVs up to 3,500 lbs GVW. Extra long rear track offers superior flotation and traction.


Exclusive Anti-Torque System Rubber Torsion - Anti-Torque
Frame Construction Aluminum Cast
Assembly Weight Front - 254 lbs @ 127 ea (116 kg @ 58 ea)
Rear - 304 lbs @ 152 ea (138 kg @ 69 ea)
Type of Vehicle** SxS, UTV
Recommended Max Gross Wt. 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg)
Internal Suspension Adjustable 4-link, triple spring SCS, plus
Track Tread Width 11 in (279 mm)
Tread Style XT 1 in (25 mm) lugs
Track Material Rubber w/ HD Internal Composite, Rods, Cord
Recommended Operating Temperature (Ambient) -40°F to +130°F (-40°C to +55°C)
Increase Ground Clearance* 6 in (152 mm)
Ground Contact Length (approx.) (Hard Surface) - Front 27 in / Rear 43 (686 mm / 1,092)
(Soft Surface) - Front 39 in / Rear 53 (991 mm / 1,346)
Ground Contact Surface Area (approx.) 1,540 sq in min (9,935 sq cm min)
2,090 sq in max (13,484 sq cm max)
Sprocket Diameter 14 in (356 mm)
Gear-Reduction 1/3 Increase on Vehicle w/ Typical OEM Tire
Wheels (Shielded & Sealed Bearing) Front - 8 per corner, 2 rows
Rear - 10 per corner, 2 rows
Wheel Material UHMW & Rubber
Color Natural Aluminum - Standard

NOTE: Some trimming of vehicle body parts may be required. Requires additional time and complexity for installation compared to standard Mattracks Models. Vehicles may require optional Steering Assist kit or upgraded power steering.

* Depending on vehicle | ** For maximum tread life | *** Some vehicles require slight alterations

All specifications are approximate, your vehicle's performance may differ. We reserve the right to make changes or modifications without notification